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Patta Hex Head Self Drilling Screws

Patta Hex Head Self Drilling Screws
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Patta Hex Head Self Drilling Screws (Zinc And Non Corrosive Coating)

Ezzy Hardware Stores are Importers of PATTA Self Drilling Screws in Hexagon Head with Metal Bonded EPDM washer in both Zinc Plating and non corrosive Ruspert Coating.

PATTA Hex Head Self Drilling Screws with Metal Bonded EPDM washers are available in thickness of #10 (4.8mm), #12 (5.5mm) and #14 (6.3mm) in varying lengths.

PATTA Self Drilling Screws features drill point which has precise cutting edges to improve drill performance with less EFFORT. The Unique Point to Thread design extrudes the metal preventing strip-out and maximizes pullout performance and minizes backout.

PATTA Drill Point has a unique curved edge at the corner of the drill point. This ensures that the drilling process becomes self-digging making drill penetration effortless. The conventional drill point only facilitates drilling. A knife like corner is created to scrape the steel off. Sufficient pressure has to be applied for more effective drilling making drilling tiring.

PATTA non walking drill point provides fast material engagement. PATTA Hex Head SDS comes with EPDM washers which provide excellent heat, cold, weather, Ozone, Oil resistance and very good bending strength, wear resistance, repulsive elasticity and compression strength.

PATTA Self Drilling Screws are engineered for fast drilling and smooth tapping with less effort.

PATTA Self Drilling Screws comes in both Zinc as well as Ruspert® Coating

Ruspert® metal finish is a non-organic, high grade metal surface processing technology that prevents corrosion. It consists of three layers: the first layer; a metallic zinc layer, the second; a high grade anticorrosion chemical conversion film, and a third outer layer; baked ceramic surface coating.

The distinguishing feature of Ruspert® is the tight joining of the baked ceramic surface coating and the chemical conversion film. These layers are bonded together through chemical reactions, and this unique method of combining layers results in a rigid combination of the coating films. Ruspert® treatment does not attribute its anti-corrosion properties to merely a single material, but the synergy of these three layers, which combined have superb rustproof qualities. Compatible with metal coated and painted surfaces, fasteners coated with Ruspert® are resistant to acid and alkaline attack, galvanic corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. These fasteners conform to corrosive gas test standard (Kesternich) DIN50018 SFW-0.25 and give a Salt Spray Fog Test to exceed (JISZ2731) 504 Hours.

  • Superior corrosion resistance. Excellent against gas, weathering and other kinds of corrosive factors including Salt Water.

  • Resistant to Acid and Alkaline Attack, Galvanic Corrosion and Hydrogen Embrittlement.

  • Corrosion resistance against scratches. Composite layers minimise the effect of scratches on the protection coating.

  • Electrolytic corrosion resistance. Less contact corrosion with other metals.

  • Low process temperature. The drying temperature below 200ºC protects the products from metallographic changes.

  • A variety of colours. Various colours to suit different purposes.

  • Paintable.

Applications:- Stitching, steel frame construction, Roof deck to steel framing.

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